PathSUPPLY’s PathSELECT Staining System is equivalent to Leica SelecTech and can be used as a replacement for Richard Allen Signature Series Stains. The advantages to the PathSELECT H & E Stainiing System include:

  • PathSELECT Bluing reagent, Item# 20-B100, is stronger than competitive brands, which reduces staining times and creates a more permanent blue color
  • PathSELECT Differentiating Reagent, Item# 20-D100, is stronger  than other brands which reduces staining times and cleans the cytoplasm better than other solutions
  • PathSELECT Hematoxylin, Item# 20-H7529 and 20-H7529-DK, is a rapid nuclear stain, making it an excellent choice for frozen sections; it is also compatible with AEC which allows for its use as a nuclear stain for immunoperoxidase techniques
  • PathSELECT Eosin, Item# 20-E4538 and 20-E4538-BR, was designed to provide superior contrast between cytoplasmic components and nuclear chromatin

Compare staining times and effectiveness of PathSELECT against other brands.  For labs and hospitals in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and illinois a representative can provide a demonstration.  Call 800-631-3556 or order your PathSELECT H&E Staining System today.