Our core value at PathSUPPLY is to help the people who help patients. That’s why we’re super excited about our newest product.

It has the potential to save patients from unnecessary pain, discomfort, and complications, which means less stress and frustration for you, the healthcare providers who serve those patients.

vein imager

It’s a game changer for medical practices from pediatrics and dermatology to hospitals and surgical centers.

The innovative new product we’re talking about is the IVIS-800 Infrared Vein Imaging System

The IVIS-800 is an FDA-approved portable vascular imaging device. By creating a 3D image of the veins, the imaging system makes them hard to miss (unless of course, that’s the goal). The IVIS has the potential to increase patient satisfaction and reduce overall operating costs.


Everyone Benefits from a Vein Imaging System

Using a vein imaging system can improve venipuncture results for all patients but is especially useful for those who are very young, elderly, obese, dark-skinned, dehydrated, or have weakened vasculature due to ongoing illness or medical treatments.

Pediatrics – In addition to helping the healthcare professional locate tiny veins on the first attempt, getting to see their veins on a computer screen could prove to be a helpful distraction for pediatric patients. Reducing the anxiety for these more challenging young patients is a “win” for everyone involved.

Dermatology – Seeing exactly where the veins and needle are also comes in handy with dermatologic procedures. Whether the goal is to hit the veins for sclerotherapy treatments, thereby reducing the need to repeat them, or avoiding the veins entirely for facial cosmetic injections, this vascular imaging technology will improve results and reduce costs for the practice overall.

Surgery and anesthesia – In the operating room, the vein imaging system is helpful for pre-surgical prep and even during surgery thanks to its portability.

Radiation and oncology – It can reduce the chances of blowing a vein in radiology and oncology patients. And it’s useful with patients whose vessels are weakened or fragile due to treatment, multiple IVs, procedures, or needle sticks.


How the IVIS-800 Can Help Improve Patient Care

Here’s a quick run-down of how the Infrared Vein Imaging System can benefit your healthcare facility.vein imager

  • Blood vessels are clearly and accurately visible on the high-resolution 8-inch liquid crystal screen.
  • The central point of the blood vessel is easy to see on the 3D images, making targeting a breeze.
  • The precise location of the needle is visible, helping to make misses obsolete.
  • Does not use harmful laser light, which can cause eye damage for the patient or health care provider.
  • It is portable for use (almost) anywhere.
  • Its lightweight design makes it easy to cart or carry around.
  • The rechargeable lithium battery lasts roughly 12 hours allowing for continuous use.
  • Vein imaging can significantly boost first-stick success rates resulting in less stressed, happier patients (i.e. higher patient satisfaction). 


vein imager

In summary, vascular imaging is a must-have for every healthcare facility. Medical professionals from trainees to seasoned professionals and everyone in between will benefit from the IVIS-800. And the patients they serve will appreciate it even more.

The IVIS-800 Infrared Vein Imaging System is one more way we at PathSUPPLY express our core value… helping those who help patients.

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