Jacksonville Beach Systema

You have found the home of Jacksonville Beach Systema – a group of friendly people studying a Russian Martial Art called Systema.  The group studies Ryabko Systema as taught by  Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev.  Our head instructor is Mark Jakabcsin who certified as an instructor by Vladimir Vasiliev.
In Systema, we study natural body movement and reaction.   This style of training teaches the student to adapt to the situation, rather than attempting to apply techniques.  The training emphasizes stress reduction, breathing methods, and body alignment.  These skills can be used in both violent confrontations and everyday life.
We invite you to come join us for a few classes and experience this different approach to martial arts training.  Classes are relaxed and informal – no uniforms, no bowing, no ranks.  you can find more information about Systema here